The core idea of collecting seeds to grow a tree appealed to people of all ages and backgrounds. The campaign had strong support from children and educational initiatives because children loved the simplicity of the idea.

Personal tree growing was linked with almost all areas of the national curriculum. Education initiatives such as Growing with Trees, the youth action phase of the campaign, organised by Learning Through Landscapes, involved children in establishing tree nurseries and growing trees in their schools and local communities.

Plant a Tree campaigns urging local and national businesses to join in. In 2013 teak garden furniture company Faraway Furniture purchased 1000 saplings for a local drive to teach school children about the role of trees in our environment and everyday life.

During 1999 Learning Through Landscapes (LTL) encouraged children to write poems about trees. Over 2,000 children entered a competition and selected poems were published in a Poetry Anthology – ISBN 085546142X.

A series of curriculum resources were produced and Yorkshire Water’s Children’s Forest produced an award winning website to help children link practical tree growing to a virtual forest.

In total over 3,000 schools got involved in the campaign.